Builders Best Practices

City of Atlanta

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Requirements: Solution: An engineer needs to do an electrical panel schedule***Calculations are NO LONGER required

Pre-Demolition Procedure: The City’s Arborist Division has issued new pre-demolition procedures for tree protection.

  1. Install tree protection fencing per approved Arborist stamped plans
  2. Schedule an inspection by submitting pre-demolition inspection form
  3. Check Arborist stamped plans for field arborist signature and that the inspection passed
  4. If inspection failed, make corrections, and resubmit pre-demolition inspection form

Underground Water Retention: City Inspectors are now visually inspecting all underground water retention units before they are sealed shut.  If you cannot have an inspector view your retention unit, you will be required to have a stamped letter from an engineer for your project.

Water Meters: For water meters within the city limits, when you get your building permit, please apply and pay for your water meter on the same day you get your building permit.


Dekalb County

Sewer Flow Issues: Many of our members have expressed frustration with how long it is taking to get a sewer capacity request approved in Dekalb County.  We recommend following these steps below to help expedite that process.

  1. Contact Michelle Otts at DeKalb County Watershed Mangament at 404-371-4918 or
  2. Engage a state registered engineer who is familiar with Dekalb County
  3. Have your engineer contact Keith Laguaite at 404-371-4918 or
  4. Complete and Submit the form Keith provides to your engineer)
  5. Your engineer submits the form back to Keith to run through a sewer capacity model for testing
  6. Dekalb County will send you the results of the sewer model testing


Private Plan Review
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