Girl Scouts look to nail construction jobs

By Lizzie Kane, Atlanta Journal-Constitution | CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE


The Home Depot Foundation and the Girl Scouts of the USA are developing a fall program to offer training in skilled trades to girls, which could help address a lack of gender and racial diversity and a shortage of workers in the field.

Emmye Harris, one of four members of Troop 1430 in Fulton County, is looking forward to the program.

“I would love to do it. That sounds so cool,” Harris said. “I feel like girls are never really told that they can do stuff (in the trade skills industry), and this would give girls the opportunity.”

Leslie Gilliam, the communications director for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, is also excited about the program.

“It’s an opportunity to introduce girls to new skills while building leadership in areas traditionally underrepresented by women,” she said.