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Recruiting new members to the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association is a vital activity that is recognized and rewarded through the National Association of Home Builders Spike Club program. Through Spike Club, members earn credits for recruiting and retaining association members. Credits add up to increasing levels of recognition and reward. To learn more about how Spike Club works, see our Frequently Asked Questions below.


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Spike Club Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a Spike?

The real benefits are intangible. You are recognized for your contribution to the association and regarded as an accomplished and connected member. Additionally, Spikes receive:

  • A coveted invitation to the biggest party of the year, the Spike Party at the International Builders Show
  • Increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities at industry events
  • Unique and valuable lapel pins for each level of achievement
  • Additional VIP benefits throughout the year
How do I become a Spike?

Before becoming a Spike, you are a Spike candidate. That means you have earned between one and five credits. Once you earn your sixth credit within two consecutive membership years, you become an official NAHB Spike! Spike credits are earned by recruiting and retaining association and council members. To retain your status as a Spike, you must earn a minimum of one new Spike credit (new or retention) each year until you reach a total of 25 credits, at which point you are elevated to Life Spike status.

How do I earn Spike credits?

Members earn one credit for each new member they sponsor. When that member renews after his or her first year of membership, the sponsoring member automatically gets one renewal credit. Each year the member renews thereafter, the sponsoring member will receive a ½ renewal credit. Spikes also receive a ½ credit recruitment and a ½ credit renewal for affiliate members.

Will I earn Spike credits for recruiting and retaining members into a Council?

Yes, when a new Council membership is activated the recruiter earns a ½ credit and when that member renews his or her council membership, the sponsor earns ¼ retention credit.

What are the Spike levels?

Spike Candidate: 1 to 5 Credits
Blue Spike: 6 Credits
Life Spike: 25 Credits
Green Spike: 50 Credits
Red Spike: 100 Credits
Royal Spike: 150 Credits
Super Spike: 200 Credits
Statesman: 500 Credits
Grand Spike: 1000 Credits
All-Time Big Spike: 1500+ Credits


During events such as the International Builders Show and all NAHB Board of Directors meetings, the colored ribbons on your name badge will show off your Spike status as a proud accomplishment among your peers. The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association also has ribbons for all HBA meetings.

How can I get a ticket to the Spike party?

You must be a Spike in good standing as of October (having at least 6 credits), and you must gave earned at least one new member credit from January 1 to October 31.